Other services

Other services which we are ready to render to you include:

  • Business appraisal (not equivalent to an expert report)
  • Appraisal of financial assets (not equivalent to an expert report)
  • Appraisal of ownership interests (not equivalent to an expert report)
  • Processing economic and financial analyses
  • Analysing
  • Compilation of internal guidelines
  • Transformation from a tax filing system to double-entry bookkeeping and vice versa
  • Calculations and budgets
  • Training our permanent clientele in economic and tax issues
  • Filing applications for VAT refunds as regards international companies
  • Processing data for loan applications
  • Consultancy regarding applications for subsidies
  • Cooperation with qualified professionals, including lawyers
  • Preparation for company establishment, division, mergers, transformations, changes in legal forms
  • Crisis management
  • Liquidation of corporations